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Ashow, The Assumption of our Lady

Leek Wootton, All Saints

Stoneleigh, St. Mary the Virgin

Rev. Jim Perryman (formerly Priest-in-Charge of the three Parishes) was appointed from September 1st 2013 as Priest-in-Charge of All Saints, Leek Wootton.
Rev. Sharon Goble was licensed on October 8th 2013 as Priest-in-Charge of the united benefice of Stoneleigh with Ashow.
We are grateful to the Bishops, Archdeacons and other Diocesan Officers of the Diocese of Coventry for their help in support in making these changes so that all three Parishes can have the focussed leadership they need to help them function as 'healthy growing Churches' within their respective communities.
This front page of the website will continue to operate, but you are encouraged to use the direct addresses for each Parish:

www.ashowchurch.co.uk - www.leekwoottonchurch.co.uk - www.stoneleighchurch.co.uk 

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